How To Make Boot Disk For Flasing

I want to eliminat the Region Code Protection from my toshiba SD-6012 DVD Drive .

I have downloaded the patch. but i dont know how to make a bootable disk with it.

I have Flash my Liteon Drive With no problem With the Toll for Flashing.

But this is diferent.
Can you Help?? :rolleyes:

Hi and welcome around the forums,

I guess you want to create a DOS bootdisc. Try this DOS 6.22 bootdisk from Just insert a empty floppy and run the .exe file.

hope this helps.


you could just format a floppy and check “create startup disk” too.

true, but for some drives it’s better when you have a real clean DOS bootdisk for flashing and not a windows bootdisk.

BTC drives for example can’t be flashed in DOS with a windows bootdisk.

didn’t realize that they were much different…

glad there’s no need to ever flash my drives from DOS for me :wink:

btw, whenever i flash my mobo, grfx card or anything else from DOS, it’s always with a Windows “create startup disk”

for bios and grfx card flashing did the windows startup disk the same good job for me too. It seems that some drives are a bit to selective when it comes to firmware flashing in DOS.