How to make backups of PS/2 that can be played on unmodded machine?

I have a ps2 and am tryin to find a way to backup my games but i dont want to get my ps2 modded.someone plz tell me if there is a way to copy ps2 games so they will load on the ps2.


copying them easy. playing the copy on an unmodded ps2 is not easy [impossible ?]

Simply put, there is no way to play a copied PS2 game on an unmodded PS2. However there are solutions that do not include an actual mod chip. Its a front loader system of which the name escapes me at the mo, just do a google. I don’t understand why you would not get the machine modded. The wear on a modded machine comes from the laser having to work harder when playing copies and consequently it will wear out quicker than if you play originals, in my experience it will last 18-24 months. No matter what method you use to play copies it will have the same effect on the laser.

yea dont try without modding ,trust it wont work. its all about the non soilder mod chip ,if you can tell me the number on the back of your ps2 then ill check to see which version of ps2 u have ,ill let you know if i can sort u out a modchip as i have loads but only for versions 4, 5 and 6 the numbers to look for are starting with scph . and the mod chips are easy to assemble and work the disk swap action reply method ,they just plug in.

SCPH 3000X (V1)
SCPH 3000X (V2)
SCPH 3000X (V3)
SCPH 3X00X (V4)
SCPH 3000XR (V5/V6)
SCPH 3900X (V7/V8) or 37000 (V7/V8)
SCPH 5000X (V9)
SCPH 5000X (V10/V11)

the numbers vary ok

mines a 39001 so its a v7/v8

i heard about where u put a old gameshark in and load game without codes and u swap it without the ps2 knowing,can someone plz give me link to a tut on how to do this?


Do a search for Swap Magic and Ps2 Fliptop.