How to make backup Image of MLB 2K12

I bought and own a copy of MLB 2k12 for PC. I am using DAEMON Tools Pro. I have made a image but when I try to run the game with it, I get a error message saying “Please use the original disc”.

There are 3 Output formats to choose from

  1. .ISO ---- this is what i tried
  2. .MDX
  3. MDS/MDF Image

There are also several profiles to choose from
ex.Data Disc, SafeDisc, NewSecuRom

And DPM speed, I only seed under NewSecuRom Profile
4x 6x 8x

There is also a “Lock Media During Grab” option box
and “Ignore bad Blocks” option box

I have made images of older games that i own and they work fine, but with 2k12 being newer, im lost when i comes to making a backup

All help very much appreciated

Sorry if this is a voodoo question, please close thread if it is

FYI- games are notorious for their copy protection and are usually unable to make any kinda backup to play far from being legal.