How To Make Backup Identical To Original?

I use DVDShrink to back up my originals as ISO (I have also tried Audio_TS Video_TS) then burn wih Nero (or with RecordNow if burning Audio_TS Video_TS files).

I have never had any problems with this method till recently purchased the LITE-ON LVW 5005.

When I play originals its whisper quiet but soo as I insert the backups the fan goes humming like its in record mode!

Is there any way to copy a movie so LITE-ON can see it as an original and playback quietly?

HAve you checked the quality of the burned disks? also do you have booktype set to DVD Rom?

If you use AnyDVD - When playing back, set the drive speed to “slow and quiet”.

The problem is that the drive sees it as a burnt disc, and therefore tries to read it at FULL SPEED, whereas Video DVD’s get read at a sane and quiet slow speed.

Yes, if they are CSS encrypted.

If you have nero you can use the drivespeed utility in the nero toolkit to control the speed of the drive. I set it to silent when watching movies.

the only possible solution i can think of is to use dvd+r discs and burn them with dvd-rom booktype, which may or may not work depending on whether or not the player gets tricked into thinking it’s an original dvd-rom. for everyone suggesting software solutions like using AnyDVD or Nero DriveSpeed, this isn’t possible because the OP is using a standalone recorder, not a computer drive.

hay thanks to everyone for helpin out.

i’ve just returned the unit for repair after 1 day and now i will have to wait up to 2 or 3 weeks.

the thing is, the same issue occurs when recording and playing back DVD+RW (Ricoh, Verbatim and including the disc supplied with unit) and the noise gets unbearbly loud with the disc spinning so fast!

I hope this is not a common problem with LITE-ON 5005, I realy do hope its not.

as others have pointed out already, this is likely not a defect of the player and rather a result of the copy no longer being CSS-encrypted. dvd drives typically read CSS-encrypted discs at lower speeds than non-encrypted discs.

hi AZImmortal, how do i make sure the disc is CSS-encrypted?

I am currently using Nero Express OEM Pioneer 6.1.

You can’t encrypt with CSS when using discs destined for playback in your standalone player. I’ll try to explain why for you. There are two types of blank discs; general media and authoring media. Authoring media is used for submission as masters for production of commercially pressed discs. You can - with authoring software - encode these with CSS encryption but domestic standalone players are hardware programmed not to play back authoring discs for security. General blank DVD media is for domestic burners. It can be burned in domestic DVD burners and played back in standalones. It cannot physically have CSS encryption applied because the secure media-block that is present on commercial DVDs is prewritten in these general blank discs to prevent anyone making a perfect copy of a commercial protected DVD. As a further security measure domestic DVD drives are hardware programmed to prohibit transfer of data contained within this secure media-block.

The advice about Nero DriveSpeed is your best bet, but some drives don’t work with Nero DriveSpeed and play-back at full speed anyway.

thanks Tiger, nice icon btw :slight_smile:

OK, does nero drive speed have anything to do with recording speed? i’ll see how that works out, thanks.