How to make backup firmware(bios) from Liteon 1673s?

how to make backup firmware(bios) from Liteon 1673s?
i have some tools for it, ex:
firmware.exe v1.0.0 - flash backup regio free but this tool works with ex sosw852s but can’t work with 16x3s drives
MtkWinFlash.exe - only flash and some other

i have exe file (ex js02.exe for flash 1763s) what can flash my drive but i would like to “open” flash(bin file) to see ex in omnipatcher what media (dvd+r, dvd+rw other) is supported and what is max speed of burn dvd.

Just download the unscrambled JS02 exe from codeguys and open it in Omnipatcher.

:cop: Never use MtkWinFlash with DVD burner, it will kill your drive as DVD burner are not supported.

You can use Dos version of MTKflash to backup your drive’s firmware.
The usage like below:

MTKFLASH X r /m /b abcde

X==> the position you connect the drive Primary Master = 1 …Secondary slave = 4
abcde ==> the filename that you want to save firmware.