How to Make Autorun.ini Open a txt File?

I’ve created a CD of files and want to create an autorun.inf file.

I created a readme.txt file which serves as a table of contents with descriptions of files on the disc.

Often to install software from disc an autorun.inf file is used which calls

I want to create a CD that automatically opens and displays readme.txt in full screen if possible.

I’ve tried
but it didn’t work.

I haven’t yet tried

Would the editor have to reside on the CD?

Would I have to use the “run” command with the path to “notepad” in Windows and the path to the readme.txt file on the CD?

Would it be easier to save the txt file as a graphic or htm file to open from an autorun.ini file?


this program can help - as you need some shell commands in order to use programs that arent on the cd. this page links to examples, such as

shell\readme\command = notepad readme.txt

Thanks ckin2001

The command your looking for is:
Type Readme.txt

That’s it. But will it work?
I’me finding info on the Internet that I need a shell prog or a prog to create an autorun.exe that will call notepad from the endusers computer to open the file on the CD.


Hey guys ! am a new memeber to cdfreaks… i’ve tried many ways to create an autorun.ini file for a my cd but non worked out the way it should. The files include LockFolder.exe, LockFolder.ico

This is how my current autorun.ini file looks like


Well, after a search in google this AutorunInfEditor has helped. I checked out the autorun file its created, looks like this

label=Locked Data

and the file was named autorun.inf not .ini

Thought i’d let u guys know !