How To Make an Iso file from CD?

Hi guys, I am newbie here,

I have a question to ask !

I have a CD ( Game DVD ) then I want to make an Iso files to share to my friends.

I have MagicIso ( Pro), UltraISO (Pro) But I dont know how makes an iso by using those software.

So if anyone in here, can help me to show how can I make an Iso files from CD - DVD, step by step.

I really thanks for that help !

If you use ImgBurn program, then it’s fairly easy.

  1. Download ImgBurn from their website. I’ts a FREE program.

  2. Install it, from the window that pops up is an option entitled: Create Image File from Disk. (The image file will be an ISO format.)

  3. Follow the prompts and you’re good to go!

  4. Be sure to specify a folder in which you want the ISO image file to be stored and remember it, so that you may find it later.

ImgBurn is a very powerful, easy program to use. I use it for most of my disc copying and such. I think you’ll like it.

Here’s a link to the website:

so, how can I make that iso like 6GB to be like 3GB ? is that possible ?

I have a CD ( Game DVD ) then I want to make an Iso files to [B]share[/B] to my friends.

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