How To Make An Interactive CD

I do not know where to start, so I thought I would try this forum.

I am wanting to make an interactive CD with a menu, what software would I require and how do you go about the process.

I would appreciate your advise.


Depends on how you describe “interactive”.

Probably using DVD is easier.

chef_ ,
Thanks for the info.

What I had in mind was a Menu page with a selection for Product Types.
I select the Product type and this takes me to a page with products, I then want to navigate forward and backward in the product range.
Each page would also have a link back to the main menu.

I would appreciate your advise.



If you want to try it with DVD, have a look at DVDlab.
You could create relations and menus as you want and link them together as you want…
There is a trialversion available, IIRC.

You have not stated if this is a one off requirment or something that you will need to do a number of times…if the latter, then check out they sell a software called Catalyst that enables the user to create interactive CD’s & DVD’s plus the same tool will alos create interactive pdf’s and build a micro site for you. You do not need any graphic or technical skills, just point and click.

Hope this helps