How to Make an Installation CD with Nero?

I have Nero 6 Ultra Edition, Build

I just purchased & downloaded Jasc’s Paint Shop Photo Album 5. I already have the software, but as they were offering registered users a special deal on purchasing any Jasc software I decided to get a copy for each of my daughters, who live in separate towns. I plan to burn the downloaded programs onto CDs for each with Nero.

There are six separate installation files and neither daughter is particularly PC-savvy so I want to have the CDs burned in a way that the installation programs are listed in a menu, with installation instructions that I write.

What’s the best way to do this with Nero? I’ve been looking through the multitudinous user manuals but haven’t found anything very specific on this. (BTW, they ought to have an Index of all the user manuals!)

Thanks for any advice!

@ J-Mack
I don’t know exactly what you are looking for. Are you looking to make a data cd that has a list in the normal explorer window of the program install .exe’s with a Word document created by you with the instructions, so they open the word .doc to read how, or are you looking to make some interactive menu? You could make 6 separate word docs that have the .exe embedded in each and they open the word docs one at a time to install the specific program, and the explorer window would look like 6 word documents. I am just throwing out ideas…I am no Nero expert.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Actually, I could just throw the files on there and call them & walk them through. Or Word docs. Just that I know Nero lets you make some pretty nice looking menus - for example with Photo VCDs. Thought there might be a way to do it with data files.

These files are all .exe files: The main 5.0 installation file, the upgrade patch to 5.02, and the balance are scrapbook templates, “collection” files (their new virtual album organizing module, like Google’s Picasa), and Corel images files - about 100 MB worth. It’s all too big to email, so burning CDs is the best option. Of course I could have had CD versions sent directly to them. They would have had instructive CDs, but the sale was on ESD versions!

I’m sure I can walk them through it, but I figured there must be a way to give it a nice looking menu, with the programs in the correct installation order. (With the short cryptic names, they might just double-click, say, the 5.02 patch before the 5.0 set-up). I’ve done this with Nero’s Photo VCDs, and it’s pretty intuitive. But I can’t seem to find a way to do it with a data CD.

Again, thanks!