How to make an ftp?

Ok title says it all. Can anyone tell me how to make an ftp server. what are the thing to look at. Do you have any tips or tricks that you like to share with me concernign ftp building (or related)

All you need is a FTP-server program. I dunno wether you got a Windows PC or not (I assume you got Windows) but it’s very easy either way.

For Windows, go to and download a FTP server like FTP-Serv-U or Bulletproof FTP server / G6 FTP server. With this programs you can setup an FTP very very easy.

grab G6 FTP server. Best one :slight_smile:

serve-u is prettu cool, and quite easy to set up.

good luck…

I think FTP needs a linux machine, most linux distributions automaticually provide a FTP deamon so it’s easy as hell!

For windows FTP server’s I can advise U-FTP and DwarFTP

ServU is better for a beginner.
G6 is a little more difficult to setup but there are a lot more options.
I would recommend G6 do.
All this assuming a windows box of course.

so you can make a part of your harddisk disponible for ftp and use the computer to still as a normal server ???
I ask this because I would like to set a server for my netwerk @ home and also would like to use this as an ftp server (you all now why)

I would put (slackware) linux on the machine, after a normal install is already has an, ftp deamon, ssh deamon, dhcp deamon, and many other crap running so you don’t need any configuration!

I was told that slackware was one of the most completed but also the most complicated linux there is, is that true???

A Little, Slackware has a huge bunch of options and configurations you can make, this makes it a little complicated.
But acctually it’s quit easy, after installing the full package, you have already an FTP server, SSH deamon and DHCP server rolling without any configuration you have to do.