How to make an application think you've got a certain graphic card without having it?



Silent Hill Homecoming just came out a couple of days ago. Misteriously, a certain series of ATI cards is unable to run the game. Since even a shitty graphics card like the nVidia 6150LE (or something like that) can run it & the X-series is completely capable to run dx9c, im assuming the hardware is not the problem.
Therefore, I was hoping someone knew a way of tricking the game into thinking i’ve got f.i. an nvidia 8800GT and therefore bypassing the gc’s filter of the game and being able to play it :).

Thanks! Bye!


What card do you have and what does the game say is wrong.

Not all the X series ATi cards support all features of the DX9c standard, some of the earlier X series cards do not support Shader model 3 which is needed for quite a few games and there is no way to “fake” it as its a needed part of the codeing in the game.

Looks like its time to upgrade that card to play modern games.