How to make Alcohol write BOOTABLE image to CD

Can somebody please explain how to do this?

Bump? Can somebody please give me a hand? I can’t figure out how to make them bootable.


Yes, I’ll give you a hand. Ok, you want to burn Bootable CDs. Well, I was burning recently Debian Linux Bootable distribution in a .ccd format and had no problems. As the image it self was bootable. Simply burned it and it worked.
No big deal about it !

Oh i see. If it’s a bootable image, then it burns bootable… that’s cool… you dont even have to tell it anythign special…

ok cool thanks!

Alcohol is a copying program, if u copy bootable image then it bootable. if u copy unbootable image then it won’t. Use Nero then…

What do you mean? you mean u have a bootable image but Alcohol doesn’t write the bootable image? or u have a not bootable image and u wanna make it bootable?

Well, if you want to make a bootable CD you need a help of nero - not cloneCD :iagree: