How to make a working back up of the game Stronghold 2?

:smiley: Hello…I am attempting to make a working copy (as a back up, of course), of the game Stronghold 2. I have attempted to use Alcohol software, to no avail. I uninstalled it (through frustration). I then downloaded CloneCD. I like it better, but still didn’t work. I have read about BWA files, but have to be honest, I am still clueless. Can anyone help me? I just want a working copy of this game…and want to get educated on how it all works. Thank you so much. :bow:

Have a look around the CD and DVD Copy Protection forum, there’s usually plenty of stuff about backing up your games in there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info…yes I have. Like I said, kind of new to all of this. Nothing from that forum seemed to help. I still can not seem to find software that will tell me what protections the game has.

Google for A-Ray scanner.

However, a search of this forum would have told you that the copy protection used is securom v.7.