How to make a warez site?


I got some questions about to make a warez site:

  1. Do i get $$$ for making a site?

  2. Where can i get hosted?

Please answer this questions, and i will make the worlds greatest warez site :slight_smile:

funny question

You can make money with it, if your page get alot of visits, you can also have to pay alot of money when they caught you with offering warez on the internet

you can host almost everywhere, but warez uses alot of mb

Warez are illigal aint it?? heheheh
like mattel007 say you need alot of space to store the warez on.
You can always setup your own ftp server and ask money for it,
But i know for sure that wont be apriciated by others…

My opinion is warez is to share not for sale and if you like it BUY IT!!!

Hey there. We all know that software is too expsenive so we like to download it or pirate it for FREE!!!.
If you were to make a Warez site i would firstly find some good hosts that you can host your site on and also host your mirrors on. Then i would get some banners and popups so when anyone goes to ur site you make money!!. This is how i would do it, but to be honest i can’t be bothered. It will be a lot of work keeping up to date and also it takes time to upload. The best thing to do would be to get a team of people with fast connections!!
Good luck and also keep me informed

If the software is good, I buy it. Unfortunately many software isn’t worth the price, take all the microshit for example. It’s incredible wat they dare to charge for such peace of garbish.
So I do chare most of my software with others without charge.
I make a copy for them and they make a copy for me, simple, but effective. :slight_smile:

http warez is dying… gets deleted way to fucking fast, and fewer and fewer free webspace providers are availible, most of whom have totally cracked down on warez hosted on their sites…

if you’re particularly rich, then you can think of setting your own FTP servir, like someone above suggested, but if you do it with the specific purpose of making money, youll 99% loose out… unless you do it GOOD (a T3 by those standards would be bare minimum for such a job, and thats pretty expensive)

y is it that difficult to make money from warez? 3 words for you:

Warez Is Free