How to make a video DVD with a Mpg



can any one help me with this problem.
i have a Xvid .avi file converteded to an MPG with TMPGenc.
DVD; CBR 1700; non interlace; high quality
now a want to make a video dvd with for example NERO
but get the fault messages
“bla bla…>2 GB… try an athoter compile etc…etc…”

is it possible to make a dvd video with a MPG file?


Have a read in the Tutorial section, particularly Unless the mpg you made with TMPGenc was DVD Compliant, then it wont work. You need to convert the AVI to a DVD compliant mpeg1 format, then author it & finally burn it to dvdr.


You should be able to drop either the original AVI or your new MPEG into Nero Vision Express and make a DVD.


you have very little control of the resulting output if you use nero vision express in that manner.


“In that manner”??? That’s one of the things that NVE is made to do. You can stack AVI, MPEG1/2, VOB’s, PAL and/or NTSC, together and in almost every combination. They can be then merged and chaptered and menued if you like.


How long does this process generally take? It was showing something like 10 hours when I tried this method yesterday? Is that normal? Also, how’s the quality of the burn?



NVE takes awhile (3-4 hours) but 10 hours seems extreme.

Maybe this tutorial will be of some help. As far as quality it’s best to try one and judge for yourself.