How to make a thumbnailed menu in a vcd



Now, my vcd works, but i want to make
a menu with thumbnails for jumping
to the scenes. what soft?.


Use VideoPack. It works great.


pSyChO dAd


Ok, Thanks. Where can i download it?.


You can find VideoPack on,
it is down for the moment…

For your knowledge, the demo can be found at

Or you can use VideoCD Creator from Adaptec
which I think do the same thing…

For a sitez, use
It is a very good site for any needs.

Hope it helps,
Obike Fixx.



i use winoncd for making vcd`s its alot better than ezcdcdreator i think…
whats a good capture utility that captures straight to mpeg ?
i dont like capturing to avi cause it sux…
winvcr wont let me do it even though it says it can…