How to make a small 'clip'?


I want to make a small, say upto a minute, clip from a film.
What do i need?


You don’t say what format the source is. Or how you want to save it. :wink: So I’ll omit advanced editors.

Here are some MPEG editors:

Here are some AVI editors:

One of my favorites is VirtualDubMPEG2, which can import both AVIs (so long as you have the necessary codecs) and MPEGs, although it cannot save as MPEG. (Yeah, I know about the ympeg plugin). As a rule, it’s easier to edit video when in an AVI wrapper, and all filters, resizing, recompression, etc., are quicker. On the tool pages above, make sure you check out available guides, you’ll need them if this is your first venture into editing. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Sorry:) Anyway i don’t mind what format the outcome is but seeing as you say AVI’s are quicker and easier i’ll start with that.

The source files are basically a DVD. So i’m gonna have to convert them to AVI first,

Chers for help

VirtualDubMPEG2 and VirtualDubMOD can open MPEG2 and VOB files, so no need to convert first. Your output will be AVI with whatever compression you select. Make sure you do so, as uncompressed AVI files are huge. The various versions of VirtualDub are like the Swiss Army knives of video editing, but you’d have a lot to learn to be able to use it effectively. Not exactly intuitive.

If all you need to do is to cut out a clip, probably one of the basic MPEG editors is what you want. Good luck. :slight_smile:

you may also want to try ‘chopper xp’ to extract segments from dvds, though initially i think the files are mpg

A 1 minute uncompressed AVI would only be about 1 GB.