How to make a self-playing .rm audio CD?


I need your help: I want to create an audio CD containing .rm files. I need to make it a self-playing CD, so that it plays in any computer, even if Real player is not installed in those computers.
I’m thinking like, maybe, if I could add some of the k-lite mega codec pack files, the minimum necessary to play rm files, or Real Alternative , and make them self-install or something?
Or prhaps you know a better way to do it?
Is that possible? and how please.
I appreciate any help, many thanks.

This could only work if AUTOSTART is enabled, otherwise not.

. Very possible, but not for the weak of heart. I’ve never done it, but here’s some basic concepts.
. Depends on your audience.
. For limited distribution (friends/family), you should be able to write a few batch files to handle it. But I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you are very confident in your programming skills, can do the necessary error-checking, and your friends/family will be understanding if you wipe out their HDD, Registry, or player. IMO, one of those “If you have to ask …” kind of situations.
. For distribution to the general public (or F/F), you really need a nice GUI, opt-out buttons, enhanced error-checking, user input, &c. I’ve seen programs that are supposed to create all the necessary files, but have never used one. Go to the Windows site (or your favorite search engine) and Search for “Windows Installer” and “MSI” - that should get you started.

Check out MediaCD and see if does what you want. It creates a menu for by scanning the folder with the files in it. If autoplay is turned out and you have the right codec installed you can use it for pictures. videos, and music files. The program is free as well.

. According to their web site “MediaCD 3.5 supports all major media file formats by embedding the major media players directly in the MediaCD Viewer window.”
. That’s not exactly what you asked for, but it looks (I only scanned their site) like it will give you what you want. Most users have at least one player installed that will handle your video using the proper codec. Certainly not the only option, maybe not the best, but it looks like something worth investigating. The price is dead-on righteous! :bigsmile:
. I know of no way to guarantee the disc will Autoplay. Very common security tweak - it’s turned off on all my PCs. MediaCD (or any other similar app) should create the file (start.ini? can’t recall for certain) that invokes Autoplay with little input from you. If not, it’s just a few lines of text, vaguely similar to autoexec.bat. Very simple. I did it 5-6 years ago, but didn’t bother to put the details into permanent storage.
. If you only want to use Autoplay to make sure the proper codecs/&c are installed, an app like MediaCD would make that unnecessary.

The program does create the autorun files. As far as the imbedded players, you can also have the files open in your preferred player. If you go into the ‘play using’ option and change it to ‘shell execute’ it will open in whatever player is associated with that file. I have created a disc that had a few .rm files on it but there is no way Real Player is going on my cpu. I have Real Alternative installed and .rm files are associated with Zoom Player. You still have to click on one file but you can have all of the files play back to back.