How to make a screensaver using video clip?

i have Roxio 7.5 and 8, plus Blaze media pro, sonic, photoshop, and also agk but i cant seem to figure out how to make a video scrensaver for my pc using various disks that i own. can someone help out? yes this is the second time ive posted this but only because i lots of views but no help from the other forum.

Would that make sense as an “screensaver” then?

Just running the clip/video normally would be the same effect.

ok would someone just humor me and please answer my question? can it be done?

With computers anything is possible…Humor me…Have you tried Google? “video screen saver” would be a good choice of search terms. Worked for me just now.

no but i yahood “help with making a video screen saver” and it said " see"