How to make a Safedisc mini-image Doesn't Work

It seems many of the newer CD/DVD protections with alcohol 120% don’t allow access to the “Read speed” and “Datatype”, and the game images need to be made HUGE to work.

I have tired making a mini image with Quake4 that was around 35mb big and it wouldn’t start the game.

I work at a gaming cafe and we need a good reliabable solution that will work, so we don’t have to use the cds/dvds, which end up getting wrecked when people handle them all the time.

So far we use alcohol 120% images through CureRom, that mounts them in Daemon tools, but it seems many of these alcohol 120% images needed to be made excessively large due to what seems the problem of not getting access to the “Read speed”, so it can make it at slower speeds and allow a smaller image to be made.

I’m waiting for the Enterprise version of GameJackal to come out and see how well this works.

But in the mean time is there anyway to get all cds/dvds to work, giving you access to the “Read speed” and “Datatype” options, or is there anything better then Alcohol for making mini game images, because this isn’t working so good anymore.


Have a look at THIS. For DVD’s there are no Datatype+Read speed settings, only ‘Skip reading errors’ and ‘Data Position Measurement’ which fulfills all needs.