How to make a roll-out menu for your webpage



I’m making a webpage, an i want to use a roll out menu, such as that from warezmaffia.
But i don’t know how.
I would appreciate your help.


that works with DHTML

it’s a bit complicated, but you should be able to understand after a while…
Dreamweaver has some build in DHTML function, so you might wanna check that out (although dreamweaver sux most of the time)


Thnx Duke
It really works great


What’s wrong with Dreamwaver? I use it and i think that it works great!



If you don’t want to learn all that dhtml codes, you can have a source code at this URL :

Cya later, WaNnAbE!


well i think dreamweaver sux, just as any WYSIWYG editor
just learn the (d)html codes yourself
you’ll make better pages…


Hehe, yeah, Wordpad is stil the best HTML editor =)


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I agree with duke, and i do not agree with him!

The best way is first learning the html language, if you can do everything with html, u can use frontpage to work faster. And sometimes, frontpage go’s wild(example: Tables aren’t good). If you understand the html codes, then you can change it by yourself.

Thats how I learned it