How to make a playable bluray disc?



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"So we received a disc at work to be played on a bluray player. The player we have at work spits it out and says it’s not compatible. Other bluray players will play it fine. I ripped the file to my computer and I think the issue is is that it is a file burned to a bluray disc and not a bluray disc (like all the regular movies would be) and that’s why it’s having an issue playing it.

How do I burn this footage to a bluray disc so that it’s formatted like an actually store bought bluray movie and not simply a file burned to the disc?"


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First you have to determine what video/audio codecs, resolutions and bitrate are used in the existing file. Use Mediainfo to determine these things. A quick and dirty list of specifications can be found at Wikipedia under Blu Ray.

If the existing video and audio are already compliant to Blu ray specifications you can simply use tsMuxeR to make a new Blu ray structure with them, then burn this output to a disc using ImgBurn.

So that is not difficult in the slightest. You will not get a menu this way, but the output will play in any Blu ray player.

When you start with non-compliant video or audio, you need to re-encode. I generally use MeGUI to make compliant Blu ray video

Here are the settings in MeGUI control panel for the X264 encoder with my preset Blu ray configuration:

There are other sections of MeGUI which control resolution. I’ve been making 720p normally, but its not difficult to adjust to 1080p.

I generally do the audio separately, and normally encode to AC3 448kbps if it happens to be out of spec.


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[QUOTE=mosis14;2781141]Thanks :slight_smile: , and it’s not me that needs to know but this guy on … redfox forum.[/QUOTE]
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It also helps to have a BDrw disk or two around to experiment with till you get the file settings right to work with whatever player you happen to have.
I used to make AVCHD DVD disks that played just fine in my first gen Panasonic BD-10a player but they generally were one program per disk.
I now have a BD burner and TRIED to make a playable disk for it that had like one season of a show I like. It kept spitting them out as unplayable or jumbling all the chapters into one huge playable file so I’ve given up for now as I don’t have a good rewritable anymore to play with and got tired of wasting blanks.
Pretty sure a much newer player probably would play some of the disks I made but this one is old and picky.
Someday when I do get another rewritable I’ll give it a shot till I figure it out.