How to make a NEC 3540A to play all regions?

How can I make my NEC 3540A to play all DVD-regions?


By flashing it with an RPC-1 firmware?!

Just read the “Read First” threads.

I tried this one: “Liggy’s And Dee’s NEC 1.W8 including Bitsetting, Riplock removed and RPC1”.

But my drive is still locked to Region 1.

It is RPC-1 if you have flashed this firmware to your drive. But to make your system completely regioncode free, you also need to run a tool like DVDGenie or Regionkiller which will defeat the regioncode protection coming with the OS/software.

Now it works!

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

AnyDVD will make your drive Region free, it runs in the background and is a terrific proggy

But with those programs,there is no need for a rpc1 drive, right?

Correct. 3 possible choices:

  1. software only solution
  2. rpc-1 firmware + regionkiller/dvdgenie
  3. autoreset firmware