How to make a mp3 dvd disk?



Hi everyone

Glad to join the club, appologese if this has already been coverd.

I have huge amount of mp3’s on my hard drive. As there has been recent virus problems on my computer i do not want to loose them.

Please can anyone tell me how do i put mp3’s on to a dvd disk. Then can any one tell how then how do i rip them from the dvd on to my spare computer.

Regards Alfe


All you do is create an DVD iso disc and burn them like any other data. My stand-alone DVD player will recognize DVD MP3s and play them without any problems.


Depends what software you have. With Nero Express or Roxio you just take the option to create an MP3 disc. Load 4.3gb of tunes & insert your DVD & press go.
Ripping is just a case of copying the tracks/folders using Explorer.


You want to create a “Data DVD”. Simply burn the .MP3 files to the DVD. Once the files are on DVD, you’ll be able to access them from any PC with a DVD reader. Also…many of the new standalone DVD players come with the ability to playback MP3s directly.