How to make a miniDVD?

hi everyone,

How would i convert to a miniDVD from the following formats?? I mean i need it exactly step by step. From the very first step to the last step possible. Also when i do have it a miniDVD, how can i fit more then 15 minutes on a CD-R without losing any resolution or bitrate??

DVD to miniDVD
VCD to miniDVD
SVCD to miniDVD
AVI to miniDVD
Divx to miniDVD
Xvid to miniDVD

will someone help me find step by step instructions on the above?? I searched in google but didn’t find anything. Will someone give it a shot and search in google. thanx everyone… - under ‘guides’

Increasing the length of DVD-quality MPEG2 onto a CD-R is very difficult; the official DVD-spec calls for a minimum bit-rate. Anything less and you run the risk of incompatibility with standalones, not to mention poor quality.

I looked under the guides section many and many of times and over and over again but don’t see any for the above. It tells me how to convert it to a different format. I want it for the “exact formats as above” exactly and no different.

I want a gold plated toilet seat, but it ain’t happening, so I make do with what I got.

With a little imagination, you can read those guides and extrapolate the information you need. Structurally, DVD and miniDVD are identical except for the storage device (DVD vs. CD). If you want step-by-step, use one of the DVD-encoding guides, then one of the authoring guides while substituting a lower bitrate when it is asked for.

If this is not acceptable to his majesty, your failed searches in google await…

Good luck and have a nice day.

Dude i just came from google many of times for step by step. I said that in my original post and asked does anyone else wants to give google a shot because i can’t find anything on what i’m looking for.