How to make a ISO file with NERO



Can somebody explain me how you make an ISO file with NERO?



Just make an image file.
The extension will be *.nrg but you have to rename it to *.iso


could you burn an iso image the same way by renaming .iso to .nrg ???


Possible yes, but i haven’t tested it


I usually use the CD COPY option 2 back up my games. Here there are several options make sure the ‘on-the-fly’ is deselected and there is also an option 2 ‘delete image on complete’. If u wish to keep the image on ur HDD make sure that this option is also deselected otherwise NERO will delete the image once it is backed up.


Ch5 Micky


i just been usually using clonecd for backing up my cd`s and putting away all my originals,
and as far as backing up my downloaded proggies i been using nero since 4.x came out. now i just got the and havent played with it much but so far it seems ok.
clone cd 2.0.25 just came out but im still using 2.0.24 and i just got the message to stand in the corner for 3 minutes but i only lasted for 30 seconds…hehe
i dont think it would hurt to only use clonecd as my main backup proggie…cdrwin looks good but i was burning coasters…if all else fails i burn in linux…