How to make a .iso file ready to burn to DVD



I have been told that to burn to dvd a movie from .ts files retain a better final quality when played rather than convert to mpeg!

Ok, I have three .ts files which make up one movie, recorded from a Dreambox receiver HDD.

Which program can I use to make the ONE .iso file from the three .ts files so that I can burn to a DVD.

Thank you for your help.


.ts files are transport streams that could usually contain MPEG2 or MPEG4. You need to find out which before knowing whether you can make an ISO (which is just an image of a CD or DVD, by the way).

What DVB-T/S/C source did you use for recording these on the Dreambox?


:slight_smile: Firstly, thanks for the reply and help.

Dreambox source DVB-S, simply recorded a movie from a digital channel received by satellite dish ( not high definition).

As I read you, the .iso can only be arrived at from an actual DVD in the first place and cannot be made from the actual .ts or .mpeg files?

Normally I would use a prog to convert the .ts files to mpeg then burn to DVD but the recent home cinema system I have purchased, JVC, does not seem to like the -R discs I use…always been Ritek and ALL play perfect on other dedicated DVD players I have.

I was told that most home cinema systems and DVD players will accept and run DVD’s with .iso recordings so I thought I would try a few burnt with .iso to see the results.

Also I can, with the Skystar 2 PCI TV card and viewer prog , record directly in either .TS or .mpeg, but was told by several folk that the .ts recordings would result in less quality loss!

My main object is to arrive with a .iso image so that I can burn to DVD and test run on this home cinema system.

Whatever the source be it .ts or .mpeg, it would tremendous for a guide on how to convert these to the .iso format.

Again, thank you for your assistance. :bow:


[B]You would need a proper authoring program anyway.[/B]

Depending on the channel you have recorded, it can have a resolution from 352x288 (x240 NTSC) up to 720x576 (480 NTSC) with various subttiles and with various bitrates.

.TS can hold, depending on the used program and settings, a complete program with all possible extras.


:smiley: Thank you for the reply and link.

Underway now to try.

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