How to make a image of hard drive after installing xp

I want to know how to make a harddrive after you installed xp and other programs. Suppose the something happens to the operating system i mean instead of installing again we can just put back in harddrive
2. Should this be on one cd or more
3.This question is different i want to network two pcs from two different locations like i want to have access to the other computer documents and programs so i can use on compuer 1. Rather than installing software is there other way of doing


first question - ghost :smiley: . search the forum for ghost and you should find lots

second question - as many as it takes

third question - i believe some kind of server software will have to be running. you could always enable remote desktop sharing (i think). it might not work as you hope, though.

  1. Read up on VPN

1.) powerquests drive image is also a great solution.

2.) a second harddisk or partition would be better for saving than cd or dvd

cool thanks a million
Is is possible to network like one cable and other on dsl or 56k if so same as above or there is something extra i need like ports or configuring something