How to make a dvd?


im new 2 burnin dvd’s… i have been sent a vid from a friend its a WMV and about 17 mins… im wondering how i can make this viewable on a dvd player??? i have heard about vcd’s and svcd’s … what will i need??? dvd-r’s and if so, can someone help me through how to make it compatible with the dvd player


you can make a vcd in nero, but some dvd players cant recognise this, try with dvdsanta, or nero to convert to a vob format

so a vob format is more likely to play on a dvd player? :confused:

yep, vob will play in a dvd player, but based on the media you buy it may not. Check and check your player

ok thanks… will check the site

sorry 4 double post… can i convert wmv to vob using nero express?? if so, how?? thx