How to make a DVD with menus etc?


I have a ten-part miniseries (50 minutes each) in .mkv format which I want to put on dvd’s.

I have a video converter and can convert to any format.

My Question: In which format should I convert the files to and which program should I use to burn it onto a disc and make a menu on the dvd?

Thank you very much!

I’m not sure which format to convert your files to best suits your needs, but, as far as programs go, I find Nero Audio/Video Suite handles just about any task. :slight_smile:

Which format you choose depends on where you want to play the videos and what capabilities your player has. If these are high definition videos, you would need a blu ray player and keep them as mkv or possibly go to AVCHD or blu ray format.

If the videos are standard def, you could convert to dvd-video.

Look at a program called MultiAVCHD. It is free to use, and has the ability to make menus for you. And it can convert to AVCHD, blu ray or dvd-video…whichever you prefer and whichever fits your playback equipment.