How to make a DVD from only .vob files?

I have 4 .vob files. Is there a way to create a DVD that will play on a DVD player. At present I can only view the files on my PC using VLC Media Player etc.

I did try ConvertXToDVD. The 4 .vob files total about 3.8GB. ConvertXToDVD created 5 .vob files totalling about 4.2GB but it definately reduced the quality of the output.

What I would like is to have something that just wrapped the necessary files around the .vob files and preferably leave the .vob files untouched.

My method of choice would be to use DGIndex (DGMPGDEC) to extract the video and audio streams, i.e. demux, your vobs and then use GUI for DVDAuthor to author the DVD. This method will keep the original video and audio intact.



You could also use DVDStyler. It should not re-encode vob files as they are already compliant to dvd specs. You would have to merge them into one big file, using the command line shown here: or you could use VobMerge.

DVDStyler is free to use.

Thanks fellas, will give these a try.

IFO Edit is also a good choice. It can create an IFO for you.

For no re-encoding I would also demux and re-author…That said IIRC, using DVDflick for example and choosing ‘copy mpeg2 stream’ will not re-encode if the VOB files are MPEG2 DVD compliant…

I took 5 .vobs out of a backup copy I had on myHDD to play with.
DVDFlick produced an error as is does most of the time with this type of .vobs .
It is like DVDStyler it likes one large .vob.
DVDFlick has it’s uses though it did a very good job on a bunch of .flv’s .
I then gave IFOEdit a try .Using some notes I had for doing something similar. I was able to create a working VIDEO_TS folder from the 5 .vobs with the added .ifo & bup files.
DGIndex (DGMPGDEC) looks interesting but it has some learning curve.I plan to get it & play with it.
Thanks to Kerry56 for the command line .I put it in my notes.

Thanks fellas for all your help, it’s very much appreciated. I got it to work using ConvertXToDVD again. This time I added all the .vob files into 1 first and that created a DVD equivalent in quality to the original .vob files.

Thanks for letting us know you were successful. You’ve also added another method in the meantime. :slight_smile: