How to make a cue sheet search

I showed up here because I needed to find a guide to writing cue sheets. I know that CDRWin 3.9 or so had a guide when I had it installed but I figured there would be an online guide.

This site shows up about at #3 or #4 when I searched for how to write a cue sheet. Checked your articles… nothing. Searched your forum… now this is interesting; all I got back from searching your forum was question after question of people in one way or another asking about how to write a cue sheet… and y’all always answer (in a slightly annoyed way) saying search for “create” and/or “edit” and “cue” (THE EXACT WORDS I WAS SEARCHING FOR) and in not one post do you link to a thread that tells you how or even link to a web site that tells you how. If this question is asked so much and there is thread for making a cue sheet I’m not aware of maybe you should make it a stickie?

If you haven’t bothered to make a guide just say so. Don’t pretend us newbies aren’t searching cuz i sure did.

I’ve already reinstalled cdrwin and will just use that. Just thought I’d toss in my random experience on your site.

Where do you want to write a cue sheet for.
When it is for a audiomix in the mp3 format you should check out the tutorial which you can find in the audio forum ( ).
You can also use a program like cooledit that let you put manually the cue points in the visible track. After this you can just merge the whole bunch of cue points togetjer and save them as seperate tracks.
Now you can burn those seperate tracks with nero or feurio
(with nero do not forget to put the gap to 0 seconds)