How to make a copy of 8.5 GB movie DVD into a 4.7 gb

Here goes my problem , when I try to make copy of a 7.5 GB movie into a dvd, it says that there is not enuf space, please insert a new disc

I tried using dvd shrink software and the new file was around 4.8GB which dosent fit into a 4.7GB disc

SO is there a different software or any other option by which I can do this


CloneDVD2 by Slysoft will compress any DVD to fit on a s/l dvd5 disc.

It is true that you can compress any size to fit 4.5gb dvd, but the quality may suffer to a point where it isn’t practical. If you can’t cut enough out using dvdshrink, then split it onto two seperate dvd’s. Or use clonedvd, and lower the quality.

Note the more you compress the more you will notice that the quality will degrade the bigger the screen that you watch your movie on.

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how to split the 8.5 dvd into two 4.7 dvds

Here is a link that shows one method of doing it. If you search dvd9 to dvd5, you can find more. (Search

This will work as well.

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will try it


I have had very good success using a combination of AnyDVD and DVDfab Express together-

I watch the resulting 4.7 dvd on a 57" Hitachi Ultravision HDTV using a Panasonic s77 upconverter and the copied movies are outstanding-

I feel that it was worth every penny of the $80 spent (so does the wife)-

I also use only Ricoh 4x +R r01’s or Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02’s burned on my LiteOn 160P6s - so the quality of medias is most important-eh!


[QUOTE=platinumsword;1459304]This will work as well.

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Thank U. The instructions on the link are probably D easiest instructions to fallow EVER posted.

If you have a standard DVD and you only want the movie file itself to play (no menu’s, special features, etc) I believe you can use anyDVD to do that. Or it may have been cloneDVD. Either way here is a link to both: