How to make a bootable disk

I have been using nero for a while, just burning data, without ever noticing the option to make a bootable disk until this morning. I thought it would come in handy for making backups to recovery programs or operating systems as the caption suggested. So I attempted to try it (because its there) and, as usual, ran into a block wall when I tried to burn.

It says to insert a bootable disk into the selected drive (drive A) Then click yes to make my disk bootable the same way my floppy is.

To me, that doesn’t make since, Im trying to create a bootable cd from data on my hard drive not from a floppy (which I don’t even have one). Can you explain exactly how I would go about this?

Welcome to the board. Maybe someone else will go into more detail than I can, but you MUST have a bootable floppy disk to make a bootable CD. No other choice that I know of. If you have Windows 98 or access to it, make a bootable floppy from that and use it in drive A: when told to. One gotcha that you’ll run into, though, is that you won’t be able to see any NTFS partitions on your HD without special utilities.

I just figured out how to make a bootable USB Lexar Jumpdrive recently. Gotta have a fairly new motherboard to use it though, one with a bios that can be set to boot off of a USB HD. It’s easier to carry than a CD. But you still have to have those DOS files from Windows 98.

It really would be nice if you could use Win2000 or WinXP to make that CD.

You might want to check this site out on how to create a bootable CD. He has an ISO image that you can download and use Nero to burn the Image onto a CD, which will create a bootablr CD.
This is the ISO image and you need to un-zip the archive after down-loading

The Main site is and this info came from under the area called “Bootable CD”. 2nd line

Also remember, you need to set up your motherboard bios to boot from the CD first and then the hard drive second.

Another interesting site that has an ISO image you can download …
plus lots of information, including info on how to burn an ISO image.
The ISO image download link is in the middle of that LONG page after the screen shot. I tried the first link above and it worked. Haven’t tried the Ultimatebootcd site.

For complete instruction with step to step how to make a bootable CD check the follwoing link.

You don’t necessarily need a disk, you can use an image of a boot sector. Nero needs this ti write to a portion of the cd to make it bootable, it will actually emulate a floppy, as you will see while booting from the cd you made, it will have some message like floppy emulated with some #'s. these numbers differ I noticed depending on what sofwar eyou use, with Nero its always one number, with WinOnCD its always a different #… etc…

Most of the links here are great so i win’t give any extra’s.

Link has guide to making boot disc with nero 6