How to make a bootable CD from a software install or .exe?

I have an imaging software that I downloaded (an .exe).

I installed it and it works like a charm. I created a backup image of my C: drive from within windows.

Now: the purpose of this is, when my machine suffers a fatal crash, I can just restore the image to C:

The thing is, if I can’t boot into windows, I’m supposed to use ‘the bootable CD’, which I don’t have.

Is there a way to create a bootable CD in Win XP that contains either the files from the exe or the files that were installed?

Usually these things (like Norton Ghost) create a boot floppy with CD access to run a restore. If not, Nero can make a bootable CD, you canb use Win98 to boot and load CD-ROm drivers and switch CD’s, and you can always make a startup floppy disk in Windows, and even moreso, if you don’t wanan use the floppy, you can tak ethat startup floppy and tunr it into a startup Cd once again using Nero.

Is that confusin genoug for ya:confused:


Hope it somewhat helped.

the imaging software should definitely provide u with some means of creating whatever type of disc u’ll need to properly use the program.

yep i agree all software provides you with a data restore disc you can use … just depends on software that you have …I have ghost … drive image and acronis true image and they alll have ways to backup in dos …heck even ghost i just made bootable floppy and edit dos commands where I dont have to do anything at all just put in floppy and cd backup and just walk on … …but all programs have it …

what program are you using ?

try using Bart’s mkboot (Make bootable) program.

Thanks for all your feedback. I ended up using an older version of the software, that creates boot floopies during install (DriveImage 5 verus Drive Image 7).

thanks again.