How to Make a Backup DVD copy on Digital Max DVD Recorder?

Hi, I am new here. I bought a Digital Max Dvd recorder and am trying to make backup copies of the DVDs I own. I can’t because of the copywrite protection. Are there any tricks to doing this? Anyway possible? Or do I have to use a PC DVD burner with software to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

First you need to remove the encryption. then you need to compress it to fit on a single layer DVD (unless you want to use DL discs. DVD Shrink will do both with most movies older than about a year.(DVD Shrink is no longer updated). On anything newer you will need to decrypt and rip to your H.D first with DVDFab Decrypter first, then use Shrink. DVD Decrypter is also good for makeing and burning iso files. I suggested these programs for the best reason “They Are Free” and all three work very well!
There are quite a few programs but most others are not free.You can find links to these three I suggest (as well as others) on this site as well as tutorials.

Otherwise known as no you can’t do it on a standalone DVD recorder but have to use a PC.