How to make a 1:1 copy of safedisc (1) protected games with the new clonecd



On gamecopyworld there was a step-by-step guide to backup safedisc (the first one) protected cd's with clonecd.
but with the current version of clone cd I don't know witch options to take anymore beacause it's completely changed (the options in clonecd).

Anyone knows how to copy those cd's





Just enable fast error skip…:wink:


In welk Hardware of software en welk cijfer(read retries) moet ik nemen??

In witch Hardawre or software and witch number(read retries) there must I take?



First check to see if your writer supports correct efm encoding.
>If yes then simply use default “game cd” profile making sure aws is not enabled on the write.
>If not then “game cd” profile with aws enabled-
no guarantee here as this does not work on all writers.
Try reading and writing at less than max speed and different media also.


No, no, no… correct EFM has nothing to do when dealing with the old SafeDisc protection. It’s only relevant when trying to back-up SafeDisc 2 and SafeDisc 2.51. For the old SafeDisc 1 you can use the default Game Profile or you can use the custom ‘SafeDisc (2) [no AWS]’ Profile (check my signature for links to Profiles). Use either Profile for both the read and write process. Use the default FES settings for your drive.