How to made mass resize of 180 photo

i got about 180 x *.jpg with high resolution i want to resize it to 1024x 768 but i dont want to make it manualy… i looking any software to do it or how to made it in gimp/photoshop ?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0: look in Help, Index, automating, batch-processing, Using the Batch Command.

vso image resizer… will do what you want and its free :wink:

vso image resizer do the trick :slight_smile: thx :smiley:


Windows has a free download that is then available as a right-click option on any photo…shrink the pic (or batch) to whatever option you want.
Easy…and much faster than opening up other software…importing and exporting etc

acdsee could easily resize jpg files in batch.

Doesn’t IRFANVIEW do that too?

YEP–Irfanview is Great for just that very thing!

Irfanview is fabulous for lots of photo-data mods and cons, especially complicated stuff
for resizing, the Windows option is much simpler and faster.