How to lower DVD read speed on GSA-H10N?

Before I have GSA-4160B it is so quiet (close to no noise I can say) in reading DVD. The reason I changed to H10N just is because I changed my case color from beige to black. I love my GSA-4160B as it has no problem at all after burning 500+ DVDs and no noise at all in reading. Now with H10N is too noisy in reading, it is too annoying with noise in watching avi movies on DVD.
I don’t care how noisy in DVD burning, but in reading I don’t wanna hear “frrreeeee” noisy sound in watching videos.

If no way to lower reading speed, I may buy another black 4x DVD reader or return this H10N and buy a black 4160B on ebay…

omg when I keep watching avi movies on DVD with H10N, the noise keeps up and low (as it changes speed in reading), that’s even worse than keeping noise in constant level. With DVD format movie this H10N is ok with very low noise level as it speeds down. But the drive doesn’t speed down on watching avi & rmvb movie files on DVD …

You can run a program such as Nero DriveSpeed or AnyDVD in the background, they have the ability to limit the read speed of any drive.

thanks for help, using Nero DriveSpeed and adjust speed to no noise at 4x