How to lower burn speed with Sony DRU 800A?

How do I have slower speed or burn at lower speed with 1X or 2X with Sony DRU 800A?
I am using Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R, which could be burned with my Plextor burner at 1X before. In the dropdown menu of Nero the 1X and 2X speed are available before I pop in the disc. After I pop in the disc, the dropdown menu only allows 4X and above.

P.S. The drive had been updated to the latest firmware.

For what???

8x dvd media is optimized for 8x speeds!!!

lower PO errors

There is no reason to burn slower than 4x and even if you do so you won’t get less errors. Some people even burn the same TY discs as you have at 12x. :iagree:

I do the Pagagei…

They are optimized for 8x!