How to Lock my LTD163 Read Speed

Is there a way to lock the read speed of my LTD163? I tried downloading DVD decrypter, and setting the device read speed to 8, 10, 12, 16x, but never got above 5.7 on the actual run. Is this a riplock issue? I am a newbie when it comes to this aspect of things.


I don’t understand why you want to lock the read speed. Maybe you think this will make it read faster, which unfortunately it won’t. :wink:

The average speed of 5.7x is because of how much work is required by the system to rip and transcode the data, which limits it reaching the max read speed of the drive, which would never be the max read speed anyway, as it uses CAV (starts at 6x and ends at 16x, average about 12x). :wink:

Is there anything i can do to improve the performance of this drive’s read speed then? I havent reached the 6-12x speeds at all, and would like to get to that point. :bow: