How to lock computer?

Yes, i’m LOL myself, but how do I “lock computer” in windows XP? In win2000 u hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and choose the option.
Thanks for your help. :o :o :o

how do you mean lock? never noticed this in win xp.

I’m guessing he means password protect.

FidelC, You have to go into Administravtive tools. Also you’ll have to check the box for password protect in your screensaver setting.

he could of course also make a password come up in the bios before it actually even starts up properly.

Yes you can, but if you want to keep the kids off while you are away form the computer the password protect works quite well. :wink:

One way is to set the option of requiring a password when you resume from standby. Then you can lock your computer by going on standby.

To set that option you can do this: Right click on the desktop. Click Properties > ScreenSaver > Power button > Advanced tab.

is there actually a way to get past the regular windows user password thing?? Ive always wanted to know how to get past that. i dont need it as my computer is my own but still wud like to know.

I have mine setup so nobody can log on unless they know the password (wife and I only) I went into administrative tools and i have only one user on my PC which is Bryan and i’m the administrator. I have the screensaver to come on after 1 min and when it comes on the only way you can get back on is to type in the password. Keeps the kids off my pc and out of nasty websites. They can use it but we are around so they don’t go where they know they aren’t supposed to be. :bigsmile:

THANKS for your quick responses!
I played around a bit and found out in XP the identical thing is done through Win Key + L. All the programs will be still running while pc is locked.

You can also: start>logoff>switch user

In Windows XP, If both “Fast User Switching” and “Use the Welcome Screen” are not disabled, locking must be done (excluding the command line) by using Task Manager or WinKey + L.

You could use WinKey + L while “Fast User Switching” is disabled (with Fast User Switch enable is a somewhat locked).

If both “Fast User Switching” and “Use the Welcome Screen” are disabled, locking functionality should be similar to Windows 2000 (WinKey + L is a plus).