How to leave files on HDD while backing up DVD?

How can I do that? I may want to burn another DVD later, or ? Also if I can do that, can I play that file as if it were a DVD?

Latest CloneDVD, AnyDVD and BenQ 1640.


AnyDVD -> HD -> untick “delete files after successful burn” -> Burn.

Or perhaps:

AnyDVD -> HD ->Tick “Leaves files on HD after successful burn” -> Burn.

I don’t have anydvd on my work pc, so I can’t verify that one for you … but it is there, if you look :wink:

Also …
To play -> media player classic.

Look here for the Klite Mega Codec Pack.
After installing, double click on the Video_TS.ifo.

For the life of me, I cannot find that box to check or uncheck. Thanks for the help.

Apologies … Anydvd does not have that functinality.

Anydvd just decrypts files when reading copy-protected (original) DVD’s.

The functionality I was talking about was DVDshrink… serious brainfart moment.

To leave the files there, you will have to find a setting in CloneDVD. Although I cannot be 100% sure they offer it, as this is an commercial software which may not allow users to make multiple copies of an original DVD.

If that is the case, you can re-image (the burnt copy) using clonecd, DVDdecryptor or Nero, and then mount the image if required. :wink:

Daemon tools is a great little utlity for mounting practically every format of iso/disc image available.
Nero can mount Iso files & it’s own NRG files using the nero imagedrive.