How to Label CD/DVD



I’m at an impasse trying to figure out how to label about 100 archival DVDs.

Paying a company to print them is cost prohibitive.

I don’t have a printer that will print on DVDs. If I did, I understand it takes several minutes per disk to do this. My burner will lightscribe but that takes even longer.

Everything I read says whole disk stick-on labels are bad news for long term. I was going to use hub labels, but I’ve now read they aren’t much if any safer than whole disk labels.

The only thing left is Sharpies and my writing looks like c**p.

Is there another way I haven’t thought of?


Here my take on the label for cd/dvd don’t do it. Reason first and foremost if the label comes unpealled it will take off the reflective coating that permets you to burn/write/read on the media itself. Now if it is lightscribe or something similiar to that would be the way to go. I use a sharpie and it worked out will for me all you have to do is take time writing onto the media surface and if the sharpie goes dull just replace the sharpie. Now if you going to do artistic drawing or inlays on it I say go with lightscribe media.

  1. Proper Sharpies of course…designed for labelling discs…not the ordinary type!

  2. If your writing looks too messy, just ask someone who can do it nicely.


It’s not easy to ask somebody to hand label 100 disks


Well you could put a label on the jewel case your putting them in. Just buy some little Avery label stickers.

Easy to mix up that way though if they don’t find their way back to the jewel case.


Plus, there are two disks to a set.


[QUOTE=i_am_jim;2185426]It’s not easy to ask somebody to hand label 100 disks[/QUOTE]

If it is your project you have to take the time to do it unless you pay someone.


Labels are NOT recommended and unless you have been spending extra for printable DVD’s, you only option is by hand using a marker.