How to know what type of dvd it is in the store

I Just bought a BenQ 1640, and have a $35 Best Buy gift card burning a hole in my pocket for some dvdr’s. I went up there and was utterly confused. I read on this forum that Verbatim was highly recommended. Is there a way to tell by where they were made or something on the packaging to give a clue about the media type it is … MCC-003 etc…here’s what I was looking at, besides a 50 pack of dvd-r 8x fuji’s made in Taiwan. (the dvd+r’s were made in Japan)

then I couldn’t make up my mind as far as to get “+” or “-”…
I truly am a newbie and feeling a bit dumb ast the moment :o

Always go with Japan.

Verbatims are made by Prodics (great) CMC (not so great) and MBI (variable and rare in the US other than at Officemax). The Prodisc have a - or + in the hub serial and there used to be a case spec but that seemed to change.

The Fuji are most likely TY as they are made in Japan. TY are top of the line but there have been reports here of problems with quality control and Fuji and also reports that Fuji was switching from TY to Prodisc (in this case, crap).

In other words, good luck finding any reliable source for store media. I would recommend Rima, supermediastore, meritline, and Burnmaster at allmediaoutlet, in that order. Most often you can find 100 for just under or over $40.

As to your BB quandry, I would go with the Fuji as it should burn better on your BenQ.

If your player will play both - and + then get quality and +/- make no difference.

This week through Saturday there is a sale on Sony DVD±R 50pack for 19.99. Get a pack of Sony DVD+R 1-8x that says Made In Japan, it will be YUDEN000T02 (TY), good stuff. Safe the money in your bestbuy gift certificate later for verbatim when they’re on sale. Look for Verbatim 16x DVD+R in 25pack (if on sale usually 9.99).

@ biikman:

Congrats on your new purchase!

Since you’ve got that gift card for Best Buy … reference ripit’s weekly post ( link here ) re. this week’s bargains.

Best Buy has SONY DVD 50pk spindles on sale for $19.99. You should get good result going with the MADE IN JAPAN Sony 8x +R’s: these are TY media / YUDEN000 T02’s. chas0039 already mentioned that TY are top quality media, and you won’t find too many who’d disagree.

Lots of SONY on sale this week (Comp USA, Staples, Best Buy).

Verbatim’s seem to be on sale quite frequently these days, so you may get access to some sale price in the next week’s advertised specials. Heed chas’s comments about Verb’s … esp. if you can try to find Prodisc MCC’s.

There are tons of TY scans in the “Post Your BenQ DW1640 SL Media” thread that you can reference. Starting off wtih YUDEN000 T02’s will be a nice way to benchmark your drive against the rest of the pack.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

[ … lol … zevia beat me to it … I guess I can never win :frowning: … hehe ]

Thanks for all the replies, it does shed some light on what I should do. As for my dvd player, I don’t know yet what it will play as far as + or - but looks like Sony Dvd+r is the way to go. Then use bitsetting to change to dvd-rom if I have troubles with my player.