How to know if TDK DVD-R is original or not?

Excuse me, I wanna ask how to know whether a TDK DVD-r is original or not without scanning for its Media ID. Thanks.

TDK uses different manufacturers and disc types for their DVD-R.

If you want to detect whether a disc has been made with an original TDK stamper (TTH01, TTH02…): Look for a code like [I]DVD-R 4609A2[/I] in the near-hub mirror band area. It’s printed reversed if you look from the top. :slight_smile:

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With cakebox packaged discs there’s subtle hints as to their origin. Slim-, jewel & dvd-cased packs are near impossible to distinguish (no Country of Origin on European labels either).

…Thanks, I dint know my question warrant a new thread. I bought this TDK, nice cake box, labels is nicely printed, looks original. But… the media ID is prodisc R04 (004)…i was like…NOOOO…and the disc cant do simulation. Am I been duped? ~_~ My moniess… OH the labes says, made in taiwan…

It means the disc was made by prodisc, but sold under TDK. Perfectly normal. I have some fujifilm’s made by prodisc too

Im at ease. But is prodisc dye reliable for long term storage? Thanks in advance.

[B]Arachne[/B] has some experience with Prodisc media.
But if it’s important media, I would still recommend Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, simply because more experience with these discs exists. :bigsmile:

Its not about which media is the best…in my current situation. I know the brand you mention is the best, but it’s just about making me feel good on those money I just paid yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Prodisc R04
Can’t say much because I don’t know how nice the overall production is.
I can say that the dye should be stable. But what is a stable dye worth if you screw up other points of manufacturing ??

For non important stuff - They are probably fine.
For archiving as the second disc - They will probably do. - Just burn the first disc on Maxell (jpn), TY (jpn (Check bonding first )), Verbatim.

If your discs are PRODISC R04 then they are DVD+R (not DVD-R).

Simulation is supported on DVD-R media but not on DVD+R media (except in certain drives).

Oh… Thats a new knowledge. I thought plus or minus has same capabilities.
THANKS. Oh my drive is Pioneer A10XLB. Thanks.

My Prodisc CDs are pretty average media…

Well, my Prodisc R05’s are extremely good. Don’t have any scans though :frowning:

From what I could find:
R04 = AZO
R05 = based on FujiFilm OxoLife technology

I would be happy to use them as a secondary or everyday use backup :iagree:

In my town I can find both CMC and TDK MID discs of TDK labeled 25pcs DVD+R 16x cakeboxes.
To recognise the TDK MID discs, I look at the lip of the cakebox and the paper ribbon around the discs. The CMC discs have thin lip and the ribbon is inside the cakebox, as with most cakeboxes. The TDK discs have a round/wide lip and the ribbon is glued outside the cakebox.
I hope it helps.

A correction to what I said above. The ribbon of the TDK MID discs’ cakebox isn’t glued, it’s just too tight and I thought it was glued. I just tried to remove one.

Also, the botton of the TDK MID discs’ cakebox is not smooth but rough like the made in India Verbatims.