How to know if a dvd is a copy?


I read somewhere that if it is a copied dvd then you could see its manufacture in nero speed. Is it true or not?

My friend lend me this dvd that seems to be a copy, when I insert it in my dvd drive, the title was “DVD_SHRINK”, I was like WTF :confused: . Then i tried using nero speed to c if i can see its manufacture but nothing appeared :a . Is tere like some way to block the manufacture thing :confused: .

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well if its underside is purple then its a copy if its silver then its either an original or a hong kong silver

Nero does have a utility which will give you a lot of info about a disc, and it would identify the disc as a DVD-R, or a DVD+R, or a DVD-RW, or a DVD+RW or a video CD, if it were a copy. If it were not, then it would identify it as a DVD.

The program I refer to is called “Nero Info Tool.” It comes with the Nero DVD software suite of programs. It might also be available for download at Nero’s web site, but I am not positive on this.

Also, there are four or five other utilities out there that can do the same thing. If you do a search on Google, I am sure you will come up with some. Perhaps try the keywords “DVD identifier” and “disc identifier” and see what happens.

Now, as to this disc… If a person uses DVDShrink (the popular software program) to rip a file onto their computer, and then uses Nero Burning Rom or DVDDecrypter in order to burn it to a blank DVD, the program defaults are to give that new copy a name of: “DVD_SHRINK” It is easy to change this default, and it is also easy to just use the name of the original film, instead. However, if the user is not aware of this option, or is too lazy to change this, all of their copied discs would then be given the name: "DVD_SHRINK. I have a suspicion that this is what has happened in this case.

In other words, yes, based on what you wrote, I am guessing that this disc is a copy.

For fun, you could also try to copy the files onto a PC using Explorer or My Computer. See if this works, and see if it will then play the files from the hard drive. In other words, treat it as if it were a floppy disc, and see if it will let you copy all of the files. If it does, with no problems, then you know that the copy protection has been removed completely – which would also indicate it is a copy.


DVDInfo Pro tells you what burning program was used to burn a copied dvd

ie; Application id…CloneDVD2

The color of the disc is silver, one more thing is that the case said that is it a dvd-9 but it was a dvd-5 :confused:

It will also give the model of the burner used and even its serial number ! (only on DVD-R/-RW)

If the title is DVD_SHRINK then you’ve pretty much got a copy, yeah. LOL!

I also think that this is a copy but the thing is that the other side it not purple like all the other DVDs we buy at stores, Insted it is sliver. When we all turn a dvd to its silver side of an original disc, in the center near the hole, there would be some kind of writing on the disc (barcodes and stuff). This “COPY” I found the same writing on it, its not the barcode but the producers company. This is very confusing, if it is a COPY, then shouldnt there be no writing on the back, and if they wrote on it, then how they do that?

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Any of the diagnostic tools like NeroInfo Tool (, DVDInfo Pro ( or DVD Identifier ( will provide detailed information of the DVD media.

If the DVD media was recorded and not commercially pressed these diagnostic tools will provide the Media Code and Manufacture ID, Application ID of the recording software, and the recording date and time that the media was recorded.

The use of the above-mentioned diagnostic tools is not that difficult to figure out and these tools are free of charge.

If you are really interested in finding out detailed information of you suspect DVD media suggest using one of these diagnostic tools.

Concerning media hub bar coding – some blank media has bar coding information and some blank DVD media doesn’t.

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I did only skimmed this thread…

You can name your disc. CloneDVD will try to grab the original name when copying, but you can change it if you want before the burn. Ollie has said that there is no information added to the burn/image by CloneDVD.

The underside of original DVD’s are golden, not silver. Different for other countries?