How to kill a harddisk?


anyone know any method to ‘kill’ my harddisk without voiding the warranty ?
intend to rma it due to extreme noise.

evil knowledge

Connect the power, let it spin up, disconnect and immediately lightly “smash” it on the table without causing physical damage. If done correctly, the comb will malfunction. (Clicking noises).

The trick is that most harddisk can cope up to 250G’s , but a rotating harddisk can only cope up to 10G’s. If you smash an harddisk on a table, you create an unlimited amount of G’s

end of evil knowledge

Note that evil knowledge must never be used for fraud, it’s purely informational and i cannot be reliable for it. Also note that some modern harddisks do have sensors to detect this kind of fraud.

Buy a $2 Y splitter for the power. Use a file and rub down two of the edgy sides to look like the two cut sides. Now plug the power in upside down, you will gives the drive much more voltage than needed. You will basically fry it, and it it can’t spin up, they can’t test it, nor will they try, they will just replace the unit.

I have RMA’d for noise. They will give you a new one, if its under warranty.