How to keep songlist, order of play when burning MP3 CD

I use musicmatch jukebox to burn my mp3 cds.

Is there a way to keep the original burned songlist order when playing these cds back in my car or home cd players. This alphabetical thing is really annoying and I’m tired of using “shuffle”.

Thanks in advance for any help.

In music match jukebox, I couldn’t say, but in nero Audio CD compilations, it is as easy as “left mouse click” & drag the song to the correct no#.

I couldn’t imagine it’d be significantly different.

Are you sure that is the case for MP3 cd’s?

I’m not talking regular audio CD’s, I’ts never been an issue with normal audio cd’s.

I’m talking MP3 cd’s where the songs are files and most players will see them as an alphebitized directory.

Thanks for the reply!

you can tag the filename with a 001, 002 etc in front of them, there may even be a batch program that can automate the process for you

I thought of that but what a nightmare.

I have my songs in folders according to genre and of course the lookup is alphabetical according to artist name. It’s easy to find a song.

If I rename with numbers according to one cd I want to make, I have a mess when trying to find songs now…I don’t like that option.

It is amazing to me no one has come up with a burnig program that will let you select 200 or so mp3’s from your collection and allow a burn that will keep the same order on playback on any mp3 player out there and leave the files as they were to begin with.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a problem? Does everybody else not mind listening to all of Aerosmith first, then all of Allanis, then all of Alicia, then all of Avril and so on.

5 hours of music is great unless it comes out like an assembly line…IMHO.

well, most of the software outhere deals with mp3’s as playlists for that function…I’m sure such a critter exists though

Check this thread out. I had the same problem…

Thanks Photo, Unfortunatly that thread ends in the same dead end conclusion of individually numbering file names.

There’s got to be a better solution out there somewhere. Seems like such a simple problem to solve…if only I hadn’t let the hot girl sitting next to me do my work in computer class at college…hhmmmmmmmmm.

This may sound silly, but think some apps made for photo organization do this on the fly, acdc and thumbs+ can batch process a whole pile of files and rename for a photobook project, niether care that those files arent pics, may be woth a try…:slight_smile:

you may find this link interesting…:slight_smile:

Dump them in folders? If your MP3 player actually checks different folders …

I really appreciate your dedication on this Zigzagman. And other input as well.

I found the answer! There is a program called MP3BR Imager at that will do it. This is how it works…you can import a playlist from MMJB, well you are supposed to be able to but I kept getting an error. So, I imported the playlist to MediaMonkey, resaved it as a mediamonkey playlist file (BTW, playlist files are .m3u files) and THEN mp3br Imager let it load into the program. Next is the magic! MP3BR Imager makes an .ISO file out of the playlist with associations to the actual mp3 files. This doesn’t effect the actual files at all, that’s right…your mp3’s are UNTOUCHED by the process.

After that, you just open up an ISO burner like DVD decryptor in my case and burn the ISO image to a CD-R or CD-whatever and bingo! Go put it in your car like I did and the songs are played just like the playlist AND the song info (artist name and song name) are displayed for each song!

Another perk might be you could use a blank DVD and copy 4400MB of music on one cd, although I don’t know if my auto head unit will read a DVD-R…I’ll have to try that.

You can also folder many different playlists. I loaded about eight different playlists, which automatically created 8 different folders. The folders show up as “CD’s” I can scroll through in my head unit. The files ofcourse play back in the playlist order. This is great because those playlists are audio cd’s I used to burn. Now all my favorite audio cd’s are on one mp3 cd.

The only thing I don’t like is MP3BR Imager is shareware for 30 days and $30 after that. And I’ve read that it messes up XP with it’s registration software…ie, it losses the registration key if you restore your system, won’t let you restore after installing, ect…

So, we need to find non-buggy freeware Playlist file .m3u recognizing .iso file creating software.

Acoustica auto-numbers playlists when it burns them (if you select that option) but doesn’t mess with the files themselves.

I’m surprised that people are talking about using MediaMonkey to convert playlists. MediaMonkey does exactly what you are looking for. In the burn CD/DVD tool it will take your playlist and produce a CD. The program allows you to construct the file name on the CD/DVD e.g. <Playlist number> - <Title> - <artist> . You can either add the original playlist to the CD/DVD (it does the necessary changes to point at the newly constructed filename on the CD/DVD) or you can just write the tracks which will then play in the original playlist order because the file name construction. Look no further MM does it all.