How to jumper the 1640 & Which is the best firmware?

My new Benq 1640 just arrived one hour ago. It is the bulk model with back front bezel. Because of that I got now documentation with the drive. I want to jumper the drive as slave but I don’t know in which position I have to place the jumper for that. I hope somebody can tell me how I jumper the drive as slave and as master.
I also want to know what the best firmware for the drive is at the moment. Currently the drive seems to be flashed with BSHB. But I found out that Benq lately released BSJB.

Uhh, the drive itself has a description of the jumper positions on the back. :iagree: And go with BSJB, it seems to produce quite good results with lots of media.

Yes, is the best firmware, confirming.
Put master device on rear jumper. and GOOOOOO…bye :iagree:

Have a look at the pic of the rear of the 1640, below:

The jumper settings are to the left of the IDE pins. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll notice that the drive is currently set as slave; the jumper is actually occupying the centre two pins. If you want to set it as MASTER, then you need a get yourself a set of pliers (or something that will remove the jumper easily) and delicately pull the jumper out and move it across to the right set of pins. It’s a very easy, no-brainer, procedure.

Thanks for the replies. I already know what a jumper is :wink:

The problem with my bulk or oem drive is that the jumper positions are not written on the back of the drive like it is normally done on harddisks and so on by the manufacturers. Thats the reason why I posted.

Thanks a lot. Just found out that my drive came already jumpered as slave. So I don’t have to change anything. :slight_smile:


Is this the right position to jumper it as master? I just ask again to make sure that I understood everything properly with my poor school english :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s right!

Whack it in and enjoy the glory burns that your BenQ will give you :smiley:

It’s Eluder by the way. :wink: And strange, my OEM unit had the etchings in the unit itself stating the jumper positions, wonder why your unit is different. :doh:

Are you in Canada and where did you get your drive? NCIX? how much for drive and shipping? What were they like to deal with?

tinman, I’m from Toronto and got my drive from NCIX last Tues. Total cost was about $68 CAD with taxes and shipping ($10 CAD for next day delivery). Very good service, but I wasn’t worried as I’ve dealt with NCIX in the past. Very good customer service.

No, I am from Germany. Got the drive from a computer shop over ebay. I paid, randomized, 79,72 canadian dollar for it.

Maybe a new production run or something like that. I don’t know. I have also something engraved on top of the drive which reads “SLA” but it doesn’t states really the position of the jumper. Just saw you paid only 68 CAD for the drive. Thats really a really convenient price.

My bulk black got the settings etched in as well, but I had to look closely to notice.

Strange, do you recall when yours was built? Mine’s from May 2005, so it’s relatively recent. And ya, I felt the price was quite good, that’s why I bought it so quickly.

Just a hunch, but SLA could be ©S, (S)L, and (M)A. Cable Select, SLave and MAster. Maybe you overlooked a row of letters.


I don’t overlooked the CSM row but I couldn’t remember what was written over SLA so I didn’t quoted it in my earlier post cause the drive was already in my case. Now that you said it the whole shortform thing is also clear even for me :slight_smile:

Know everything is clear. It is also written on my drive. Just to mention mine is manufatured in June 2005.

no slave/master stamping on my burner

My preference so far for firmware is BSIB. I just put a scan in the hall of fame.

BSJB seems good. :slight_smile: